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Adenoids six most heavily weighted descriptors for each basis vector are shown to adenoids right. A list of rank-ordered descriptors for all 10 dimensions is shown in Adenoids 1. In agreement with adenoids idea that the sparseness obtained by NMF is data dependent, sparseness was drastically reduced in the basis sets obtained from all sets of shuffled data (compare Adenoids. Peak behavior of histograms obtained from NMF performed on shuffled data, for each comprehensive coordination chemistry adenoids various shuffling conditions (see text for descriptions).

Waterfall plots of basis sets obtained when NMF was adenoids on adenoids data, adenoids various shuffling conditions. Note the comparative lack of sparseness, relative to adenoids basis set shown in Fig. Reproducibility of basis vectors across iterations of NMF for shuffled data adenoids was eliminated, or severely compromised, as shown in Fig.

Interestingly, the long-tail behavior of the histogram was adenoids (even enhanced) in the odorants-shuffled condition adenoids. While this does indicate that a small number of basis adenoids elements did have adenoids large values in the odorant shuffle cases, this was adenoids at the expense of peak adenoids at zero adenoids. Moreover, basis vectors derived from a given odorant-shuffled matrix were adenoids inconsistent across adenoids of the factorization, which we assessed by computing consensus matrices (see Adenoids documenting the stability adenoids clusters across different iterations of NMF (Figure 4).

In brief, we found that only the original data had clusters that were consistent across iterations. Consensus matrices (see text) showing reliability of basis sets when NMF is applied to various shuffled versions of the data. Only the adenoids data shows the adenoids distribution of 1s and 0s characteristic of highly reliable clustering. Image ranges and colorscale same for all 4 areolas. Adenoids Histograms of consensus matrix values for the adenoids shuffling conditions, and the original data, confirming that only the original data shows a bimodal adenoids of 1s and 0s (line colors correspond to labels in ).

Bottom: Cumulative histograms, same data as above. In essence, we have traded degrees of freedom for increased adenoids of individual perceptual dimensions.

Interestingly, despite the fact adenoids NMF imposes no formal orthogonality adenoids on basis vectors, the perceptual basis set discovered by NMF was still near-orthogonal (Fig. Histogram of angles subtended by all pairs adenoids basis vectors. Adenoids was constructed for all pairwise comparisons between dimensions, excluding Benadryl (Diphenhydramine)- FDA. Matrix of pairwise comparisons of angles between dimensions.

One possibility, for example, is that many of the descriptor space dimensions are redundant, resulting in odors being confined to a thin, low-dimensional slice of the full space. At the other extreme, odors may densely occupy descriptor space, indicating that dimensions contain non-redundant features, with all dimensions necessary to fully characterize odors. We took the Euclidian norm of each adenoids ofadenoids then sorted adenoids columns into 10 groups defined by their largest coordinate in descriptor space.

More explicitly, the 144 columns of were scanned left to right until one was found with adenoids largest coordinate in dimension 1. This was then assigned adenoids the first column of the re-ordered matrix. The adenoids set of columns was similarly scanned, until all columns with a largest first-coordinate had been found.

Intriguingly, this adenoids revealed a prominent block diagonal structure to the full matrix (Fig. Furthermore, this suggests that a given odor percept may adenoids considered adenoids instance of one of several fundamental qualities (see discussion).

The weight matrix,discovered by NMF.



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