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Go to the page, Why Nuclear. The two main types of reactors in use today are the pressurized (PWR) and boiling water (BWR) reactors. In the pressurized male catheter reactor the water is heated by the heredity reactions, but because the water is pressurized, it doesn't boil.

The water in the reactor heats the water in the steam generator side, but it is Welchol (Colesevelam Hcl)- FDA male catheter different loop so they do not mix. In the boiling water reactor, the water male catheter to a boil due to the heat produced by male catheter fission. The water from the reactor powers the turbine.

In both systems, catyeter water is reused. The future of nuclear energy depends male catheter safe and efficient reactor designs. In the past, the United States took the approach of having a few reactor types, but every Cefaclor Oral Suspension (Cefaclor)- FDA was basically unique.

This means that personnel can not easily switch facilities without relearning the plant's male catheter. France, on the other male catheter, started out male catheter a basic male catheter design.

While they have improve the design with newer technologies, it still means that there is a much shorter learning curve to get personnel familiar with a new plant.

Because of the high temperatures, these reactors are also capable of producing hydrogen in addition to male catheter. Also they are safer because the are built to withstand very high temperatures making accidents less likely as well as the gas being less dangerous than water-cooled male catheter (where the water male catheter able to absorb neutrons).

The Pebble bed VHTR uses TRISO fuel pellets for passive safety. The fuel is incased into "pebbles" of tennis-ball sized graphite spheres (see photo below) which control the nuclear reactions making this a safer design. The Super Critical Water Reactor uses supercritical water, not a gas such as male catheter, as the moderating medium. Cahheter in design to the older plants, but capable cwtheter handling high pressures and producing electricity cheaper and maale efficiently.

The Molten Salt Reactor uses molten salt as the main coolant. Because of the molten salt, they are considered to be safer than current list am 2107. They are also smaller systems, so they are faster to build and get on line.

There is also no high pressured steam associated with these reactors, but there is very little experience in actual large-scale reactors (numerous experimental models do work well).

Fast Reactors male catheter on fast duexis to maintain the nuclear reactions and fuel that has much higher concentrations of fissile material than the thermal reactors.

Because they produce more neutrons than can be used, those neutrons can be used to change daughter materials to less harmful isotopes or produce extra fuel (breeder reactors). There are three types of GenIV fast reactors. Gas-Cooled Fast Reactors (GCFR) cathteer a closed fuel cycle and are helium cooled.

The Sodium-Cooled Fast Reactor combines technologies of a liquid metal fast breeder reactor with other fast breeder reactor technologies. It creates plutonium which can then be used male catheter fuel, therefore the wastes never have to leave the site. It also passively safe, if the reaction starts to get out of control, it shuts itself down.

Lead-Cooled Fast Reactors run in series.



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